It’s more than a logo, a catchphase and a t-shirt. It’s an ideal, a statement and your belief system. It represents you, your passions, your dreams, and your integrity.


Design is an idea, a process, an epiphany and a revelation. It defines you, your brand and your culture.


The internet doesn’t sleep, and neither should your business. Apps, sites, social media; this is your lifeblood, the essence of your business’ persistent presence.


{ Graphic Design. Web Design. Illustration. Video Services. SEO Consultation. Social Media Management. }

Every business’s creative needs are different. One day you need a custom powerpoint template, the next you might need a complete web redesign. What if one agency was able to solve all of your needs without having to work with multiple providers? Based in Springfield, IL, Phoenix Tree Design has over 25 years of experience building brands, creating logos, designing and developing web pages, shooting, editing and refining audio and video and more. And the best part? It’s all done under one roof.

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